Keep Calm and Scan On

There are things in life that we look forward to: Christmas morning, birthdays (it beats the alternative!), vacations in the tropics when you know it is snowing back home. But then there are things in life we dread: trips to the dentist, credit card bills after Christmas, the feel of cold air when you return from that trip in the tropics.keep-calm-and-scan-on-71

For years I’ve also dreaded scanning the surface of a finely crafted mold or die that the craftsman toolmaker has polished to a shiny, almost mirror-like finish. When FARO released the Line Laser Probe ES (Enhanced Scanning), the dreaded task of scanning reflective surfaces became something I look forward to.

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On Top of Things: 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Measuring On-machine

FARO, Gage, FaroArm, On-machine measurement, inspection

No, Marvin Gaye never sang about manufacturing. If there is but one takeaway from the R&B legend’s soulful catalog, it is this: let’s get it on (machine). For too long, many of you have brought heavy part after heavy part to your fixed CMM for inspection, ignoring that a simpler, more accurate and less taxing solution exists. You should be inspecting and measuring in-process or finished parts on (or near, I suppose) the machine tool. Here’s why. Continue reading

Corvette Racing Sweeps ALMS GT

Faro - Pratt & Miller 053

FARO Congratulates Pratt & Miller on Their Big Win

Oliver Gavin and Tommy Milner won the American Le Mans Series GT Drivers Championship with a victory today in the VIR 240 at Virginia International Raceway. Their fourth victory in nine races clinched the GT Manufacturer Championship for Chevrolet and wrapped up the GT Team Championship for Corvette Racing.  Continue reading

AU Preview


Two Reasons (of many) to Catch AU This Year.

Held each year in Las Vegas, Autodesk University (AU) is the premier event for Autodesk users.  If you own or operate Revit, AutoCAD, Maya or other Autodesk product, you really need to be here.

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