Keep Calm and Scan On

There are things in life that we look forward to: Christmas morning, birthdays (it beats the alternative!), vacations in the tropics when you know it is snowing back home. But then there are things in life we dread: trips to the dentist, credit card bills after Christmas, the feel of cold air when you return from that trip in the tropics.keep-calm-and-scan-on-71

For years I’ve also dreaded scanning the surface of a finely crafted mold or die that the craftsman toolmaker has polished to a shiny, almost mirror-like finish. When FARO released the Line Laser Probe ES (Enhanced Scanning), the dreaded task of scanning reflective surfaces became something I look forward to.

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On Top of Things: 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Measuring On-machine

FARO, Gage, FaroArm, On-machine measurement, inspection

No, Marvin Gaye never sang about manufacturing. If there is but one takeaway from the R&B legend’s soulful catalog, it is this: let’s get it on (machine). For too long, many of you have brought heavy part after heavy part to your fixed CMM for inspection, ignoring that a simpler, more accurate and less taxing solution exists. You should be inspecting and measuring in-process or finished parts on (or near, I suppose) the machine tool. Here’s why. Continue reading