FARO Technologies Supports Reverse Engineering Vehicles to Upgrade Armoring

In the today’s world, individuals have more access and available opportunity to high-powered weapons. Military personnel, dignitaries, politicians, power brokers and celebrities are all susceptible to potential damage inflicted. Ground, naval, and air flight modes of transport are all potential targets. As such, the need to more heavily armor existing passenger vehicles (both commercial and military) has greatly increased. In a similar vein, recent availability of advanced materials encourage the opportunity to replace legacy armored plates with lighter weight, stronger replacement armor. […]

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How to Efficiently Align Track Rolls

I’m often asked how to efficiently align rolls. The job is always the same. Step 1: Let’s begin with proper setup. When setting up the FARO® Laser Tracker Vantage, I always ask myself how will the environment effect my measurements relative to my tolerances? Is vibration an issue such as forklifts or running machinery nearby? […]

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Measuring with Accuracy While Documenting the Project

Is it possible to utilize extreme data capture while maintaining the accuracy of laser trackers? The first question before addressing the first one is, ‘why would you want to do this’? Let’s look at laser trackers. You may already know the importance of these great tools. Critical dimensions of important features require extreme accuracy. Dimensions such as concentricity, parallelism, and true position are a few of the GD&T functions that require tight tolerances and can be difficult, as well as time consuming, to measure manually. These may be some of the most complicated aspects. […]

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Customer Spotlight on Accurate Technologies

Accurate Technologies is a 26-year old company in Canton, Ohio. They specialize in land surveyors, surveying engineers, mapping service, mapping-geographic information systems, and land companies. Accurate Technologies accounts 90% of their work in the Steel Mill Industry, while 5%-10% of their business is in land surveying. Accurate Technologies President, Rich Carpenter, was looking for a better way to survey and align some large tube/pipe mills and continuous caster. The optical system they had been using has an accuracy of 10 to 15 thousands of an inch. However, they were running into problems including: accuracy, not being able to level one plane to another, time, and speed of operation. They also had to turn away potential business opportunity because the optical system could not handle some of the job specifications. […]

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Precision Alignment Supports Cost Reduction and Profit Margin Expansion

One key to delivering a FARO precision solution is to first understand an operation’s critical components and the associated cost-contributing challenges. To best exemplify, I want to share excerpts and summaries communicated to me from a recipient of the FARO Laser Tracker solution for precision machinery alignment. Why Alignment is Important Proper alignment in a manufacturing facility greatly reduces maintenance costs. When bearings, motors, couplings, etc. are not properly aligned they […]

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An Enhanced Level of Support For The FARO Customer

The FARO Sales Engineer was first introduced by FARO in January 2012 and joined the Application Engineers and Account Managers as an enhanced level of field support for FARO clients. The Sales Engineer works closely in the field with clients to solve support and application needs and is typically assigned to a particular region or product. While they work closely with Regional and Account Managers to understand the needs of their specific geographic area or product, they are also self-directed in completing their tasks as efficiently as possible with high results. […]

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Volumetric Inspection and Calibration of a CNC Machine

A laser tracker can be an ideal tool to check and calibrate a CNC machine. Typically, CNC machine tool calibration has been done by using a laser interferometer upon machine installation. This is usually a linear calibration that is performed separately on each axis. Typically, it is a repeatability calibration. In other words, if I send the machine to the same location over and over again, how accurately can it go to the same location in a single axis? A laser tracker can be used to volumetrically check not just the repeatability, but also whether or not the machine is traveling to the locations selected. With some newer CNC controllers, the error data can then be fed into the controller and self correct the machine motion. […]

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