Introducing the New FARO Cobalt 3D Imager

Smart 3D imager arrays – A new class of automated metrology sensor provides sophisticated in-process measurement, minimizing integration and infrastructure costs FARO Technologies, Inc. announces highly-adaptable 3D imager arrays that promise to drive automated industrial manufacturing metrology processes to the next level.  The FARO Cobalt 3D Imager is equipped with dedicated on-board processors – an [...]

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Introducing the New FARO Focus3D X 30 Laser Scanner

The affordable entry-level X series laser scanner The new FARO Focus3D X 30 laser scanner is a powerful, high-speed, ultra-portable 3D laser scanner designed for a variety of short-range applications. The Focus3D X 30 enables fast, straightforward and accurate measurements of interiors, such as: small architectural façades, complex structures, crime scenes, mechanical rooms, and production [...]

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Inspection/Measurement – Will This Part Clean Up?

By Trevor Murcko Manufacturers who supply or receive pre-machined manufactured components, including molds, often ask, “Will this part clean up?” Oftentimes, this question of part clean-up can make or break an order, a job or a delivery schedule, and although the respondent can vary from a supplier to the downstream customer or both, the question [...]

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FARO Releases New FARO Edge ScanArm HD

FARO announced today the release of the all-new FARO® Laser Line Probe HD. The power of the new high-definition 3D scanner combined with the flexibility of the  FARO Edge measuring arm  creates the world’s most affordable, high performance contact/non-contact portable measurement system on the market – the FARO Edge ScanArm HD. […]

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Replacing GO/NO-GO Gages with a Portable CMM

Technology is improving at a rapid rate, and as goods become more advanced, the parts that make up the total become more complex as well. This complexity leads to tighter tolerances when performing quality assurance. A small run of parts can be checked on a traditional CMM. This process is very thorough and yields a large amount of useful data that can be tracked and correlated. A drawback to this method is that parts must be taken from the shop floor into a CMM lab for testing, which is very time consuming. Additionally, using a CMM for high volume inspection often leads to bottlenecking caused by a lack of CMM operators or lack of time to complete a full inspection of a large volume of parts. […]

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Easy Steps to Standardize an H-Point Program

Working for FARO (specifically in the Detroit area), I noticed that several companies are interested in creating and running a program to successfully check H-points (or Hip Points) on seats. The location of the H-Point allows automotive designers to improve seating comfort predicting where the average occupant sits relative to the top of the car or getting in/out of the car. Most seats are checked with a standardized adjustable dummy (Oscar) designed to represent the most common occupants. […]

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Customer Success Story: Using FARO CAM2 Measure 10 QuickTools

I was recently with a customer that had a great use of the QuickTool function in FARO CAM2 Measure 10® Software. We think of this function as a means to automate a repeat inspection for a user that has not had extensive FARO training. Although this is true, there are other uses for this function that may be overlooked. This is a great tool to intricately describe and show the user how to probe and measure particular features of a repeat part inspection however, it can also be used to quickly show a novice user how to inspect a part if your parts are similar in shape. […]

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Manufacturing and Production Benefits From An Incoming Inspection Plan

We live in a world of instant gratification and all the technology around us is designed to make our lives more efficient, allowing us to hopefully work smarter rather than harder. So why should your business be any different? More specifically, the manufacturing and production arenas are my focus for this discussion. With the increasing popularity and necessity of having to meet standards for ISO, 5s and Six Sigma, your inspection plan or lack of one should be a focus. […]

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Volumetric Inspection and Calibration of a CNC Machine

A laser tracker can be an ideal tool to check and calibrate a CNC machine. Typically, CNC machine tool calibration has been done by using a laser interferometer upon machine installation. This is usually a linear calibration that is performed separately on each axis. Typically, it is a repeatability calibration. In other words, if I send the machine to the same location over and over again, how accurately can it go to the same location in a single axis? A laser tracker can be used to volumetrically check not just the repeatability, but also whether or not the machine is traveling to the locations selected. With some newer CNC controllers, the error data can then be fed into the controller and self correct the machine motion. […]

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