Customer Success Story: Using FARO CAM2 Measure 10 QuickTools

I was recently with a customer that had a great use of the QuickTool function in FARO CAM2 Measure 10® Software. We think of this function as a means to automate a repeat inspection for a user that has not had extensive FARO training. Although this is true, there are other uses for this function [...]

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An Enhanced Level of Support For The FARO Customer

The FARO Sales Engineer was first introduced by FARO in January 2012 and joined the Application Engineers and Account Managers as an enhanced level of field support for FARO clients. The Sales Engineer works closely in the field with clients to solve support and application needs and is typically assigned to a particular region or [...]

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Laser Scanning in a 3D Manufacturing World

Our industrial way of life has revolved around giant centralized factories for more than a century now. Huge machines have been churning out mass-produced items on assembly lines since the second industrial revolution and it has become a part of the industrial standard. But what if we could skip this entire process in our own [...]

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