Introducing the New FARO Cobalt 3D Imager

Smart 3D imager arrays – A new class of automated metrology sensor provides sophisticated in-process measurement, minimizing integration and infrastructure costs FARO Technologies, Inc. announces highly-adaptable 3D imager arrays that promise to drive automated industrial manufacturing metrology processes to the next level.  The FARO Cobalt 3D Imager is equipped with dedicated on-board processors – an [...]

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Enhance Customer BIM Workflows with an Updated Release of PointSense Software

Version 16.5, PointSense now includes additional tools and functionality for efficiently processing 3D laser scan data in Autodesk’s AutoCAD® and Revit® packages and accelerates documentation of as-built data.                 What’s New: PointSense functionality for AutoCAD® includes simultaneous fit of multiple polygon cross-sections, single click plane extraction, and auto-boundary [...]

Next Generation 3D Laser Scanning

How Blue Lasers, Rapid Capture Rates, and Advanced Optical Performance is Revolutionizing 3D Measurement The easiest, fastest, and most affordable way to measure parts and products is with a lightweight Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) that offers both contact and non-contact measurement. […]

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3D Manufacturing Technologies Seminar Recap

Additive manufacturing has increasingly become a topic of interest in the manufacturing sector and for good reason. Implementing 3D scanning and 3D printing provides several alternative solutions that cannot be as easily accomplished using conventional methods. The full 3D scan to 3D print workflow and the benefits of incorporating 3D technology were further explored during the “3D Manufacturing Technologies Seminar” hosted by Modern Tech in Orlando, FL on Thursday, February 12. […]

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FARO Releases New FARO Edge ScanArm HD

FARO announced today the release of the all-new FARO® Laser Line Probe HD. The power of the new high-definition 3D scanner combined with the flexibility of the  FARO Edge measuring arm  creates the world’s most affordable, high performance contact/non-contact portable measurement system on the market – the FARO Edge ScanArm HD. […]

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FARO Technologies Supports Reverse Engineering Vehicles to Upgrade Armoring

In the today’s world, individuals have more access and available opportunity to high-powered weapons. Military personnel, dignitaries, politicians, power brokers and celebrities are all susceptible to potential damage inflicted. Ground, naval, and air flight modes of transport are all potential targets. As such, the need to more heavily armor existing passenger vehicles (both commercial and military) has greatly increased. In a similar vein, recent availability of advanced materials encourage the opportunity to replace legacy armored plates with lighter weight, stronger replacement armor. […]

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Scan Project Planning: Resolution & Scan Positions

The advances in laser scanning technology over the last five years have been impressive. Not only has the quality and quantity of the scan data we collect improved but also the size of the device and its ease of use. A while ago, a coworker of mine was commenting on how easy it was to use the FARO® Laser Scanner Focus3D. While it is true that the operation of the FARO® Laser Scanner Focus3D has been simplified to the point where virtually anyone can be taught to operate the device, there are still challenges in successfully collecting data that will deliver the desired results.  This is what will be achieved during Scan Project Planning. […]

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FARO Launches Complete Metrology Software with FARO® CAM2® Measure 10.3

FARO Technologies announced the release of FARO® CAM2® Measure 10.3, its newest software for the FaroArm®, FARO® ScanArm and FARO® Laser Tracker.CAM2 Measure 10.3 offers a complete contact and non-contact metrology solution. The new capabilities and enhanced functionality provide customers the value of having a single partner, with an integrated software and hardware solution, that is supported by a worldwide service network. […]

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The CAD Alignment Cheat Sheet

One of the most important steps when inspecting a part is ensuring that the part scan is properly aligned to the CAD drawing. Fortunately, you have many alignment techniques to choose from. Try using different techniques to see which is easiest and most accurate for your particular part. Before you begin, you will need to import the CAD file into FARO® CAM2® Measure 10. On the File tab, select Import/Export, then select CAD from the Import column. Select the desired file and click Open. […]

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Laser Scanning in a 3D Manufacturing World

Our industrial way of life has revolved around giant centralized factories for more than a century now. Huge machines have been churning out mass-produced items on assembly lines since the second industrial revolution and it has become a part of the industrial standard. But what if we could skip this entire process in our own homes or businesses, saving costs, and becoming more efficient with the same or even better quality as it has been done in the most advanced state-of-the-art factories on earth? We are at the very verge of a digital manufacturing revolution that will change how everything is done and conceived. This has been going on since the late 90’s and it has continued to grow to the point where the technology now allows us to be our own manufacturer. At FARO we are proud to be part of this exciting revolution! […]

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