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FARO® is excited to announce the availability of the Visual Inspect™ product family – an innovative platform that enables large, complex 3D CAD data to be transferred to an iPad® and used for mobile visualization and comparison to real world conditions.

This facilities real-time, actionable manufacturing insight through earlier stage error detection in the production, construction and/or design process.

Comprehensive Inspection in the Palm of Your Hand

Visual Inspect is a true next generation solution, as it moves from traditional desktop PC to a mobile “in hand, on demand” solution.

It provides an exceptional degree of flexibility and drives increased productivity with:

  • Locally stored 3D CAD data on the iPad
  • Easy documentation of problems and errors with text and images
  • Simple export and integration with Microsoft Excel
  • And more…

The Visual Inspect product family offers two exceptional value options:

  • Visual Inspect™:
    Enables intuitive mobile viewing, verification and documentation of complex 3D data
  • Visual Inspect AR™:
    Enables complex 3D data to be overlaid and compared to actual data in real time

In three simple steps, the product is ready for use – download the application, calibrate the iPad and activate! The integrated iPad camera supports Visual Inspect AR as a much more cost-effective alternative to other solutions on the market.

Click here to learn more about the Visual Inspect product family and request a technical data sheet.