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Accurate Technologies is a 26-year old company in Canton, Ohio. They specialize in land surveyors, surveying engineers, mapping service, mapping-geographic information systems, and land companies. Accurate Technologies accounts 90% of their work in the Steel Mill Industry, while 5%-10% of their business is in land surveying.

Accurate Technologies President, Rich Carpenter, was looking for a better way to survey and align some large tube/pipe mills and continuous caster. The optical system they had been using has an accuracy of 10 to 15 thousands of an inch. However, they were running into problems including: accuracy, not being able to level one plane to another, time, and speed of operation. They also had to turn away potential business opportunity because the optical system could not handle some of the job specifications.

Accurate Technologies landed a large contract to align a Vertical Caster. The Caster had no floor to set their Vision System on a center line and was like a big concrete box with solid side walls; it was not going to operate in this environment. Rich decided to call FARO Technologies for a demonstration of the FARO® Laser Tracker Vantage and was amazed by what it could do.

When they purchased their first FARO Vantage, they were able to accommodate the tight specifications their customers required. Immediately, their accuracy went from 15 thousands with the Optical system to under 1 thousandth with the Vantage. They could also now measure 2 planes against each other for levelness and parallelism and determine the angles between the fixtures (which they could not previously measure). The Vantage also allowed them to determine the 3D positioning of the shafts on the casters.

By purchasing the FARO Vantage, Accurate Technologies immediately saw their workload increase by over 20%. Rich states that they can now do the same job as before but 5-10 times faster and with better accuracy. Due to the high increase of work the Vantage brought, Accurate Technologies decided to purchase a second FARO Vantage six months later. After looking at the bottom-line (revenue vs. expense), Rich stated, “buying a second Vantage is a NO brainer.”

Accurate Technologies is located at:
5800 Navarre Rd.
Canton, OH. 44706
(330) 478-9313

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