Customer Success Story: Using FARO CAM2 Measure 10 QuickTools

I was recently with a customer that had a great use of the QuickTool function in FARO CAM2 Measure 10® Software. CAM2-Measure-10-Box We think of this function as a means to automate a repeat inspection for a user that has not had extensive FARO training. Although this is true, there are other uses for this function that may be overlooked. This is a great tool to intricately describe and show the user how to probe and measure particular features of a repeat part inspection however, it can also be used to quickly show a novice user how to inspect a part if your parts are similar in shape.

The customer I visited with was using the FaroArm® to inspect various rolls used in their process. They basically had two types of rolls in their process. These two rolls included the outward roll that could be described like a tire shape and an inward roll that would be described more like the tire rim. The customer needed about the same inspection validations for each of these rolls. The user took their most complicated outward and inward rolls and created an inspection plan with a QuickTool function for each of these. This simplification makes it less time-consuming to search within their files and locate the particular program for inspection. By creating each of the programs off of the most complicated rolls, they were certain to get all of the features they needed.

When it came time to inspect, they would open the one file that was specific to what roll they had (whether an inward or outward roll). They would use the red button on the FaroArm to pass over the features that were not applicable for the particular roll they were currently inspecting. It wouldn’t matter the size of the part just the features required for their validation process. These types of inspections were for in-house verification so their reports could operate as a rough print-out of the executed QuickTool function. In the event where a more detailed and specified report was needed, the more knowledgeable user could then alter the report to only show the features that were inspected for the specified roll or part; taking out the extra features that exist in the more complicated roll by not printing them in the report. At this particular company, a text report was the format frequently used so the ‘empty’ features could easily be deleted from the file.

Extreme detail could be taken in account in creating each of these 2 inspection plans with the QuickTool function. The user could use the image creator, as well as, comments and restrictions to tailor these inspections to be precisely what they were looking for. These programs could then be great tools for new users to get accustom to the Arm and the inspection practices the company is looking for. The FARO user is only spending time creating two inspection programs and the user is only searching through these two to pick which inspection plan to run. This simplifies the process and frees up time for the FARO user for more detailed and complicated inspections.

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Christina began her career with FARO Technologies over 2 years ago as an Applications Engineer. She is now an Account Manager providing hardware and software training and technical support to customers. Christina primarily works with the FaroArm, ScanArm, FARO Gage, and Laser Tracker and affiliated software programs. She enjoys collaborating with customers in various industries.

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