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The FARO Sales Engineer was first introduced by FARO in January 2012 and joined the Application Engineers and Account Managers as an enhanced level of field support for FARO clients. The Sales Engineer works closely in the field with clients to solve support and application needs and is typically assigned to a particular region or product. While they work closely with Regional and Account Managers to understand the needs of their specific geographic area or product, they are also self-directed in completing their tasks as efficiently as possible with high results.

A typical example of a FARO Sales Engineer would be Jonathan Parker.  Jonathan covers the FARO Arm and FARO Tracker for the Southeastern Region of the United States. He spends his week traveling to customer sites and assisting in any way possible. The following are a few examples of how a customer can utilize a Sales Engineer, such as Jonathan.

1. Determining Best Method– When a customer is experiencing a problem with accuracy or precision, it may not always be a software or hardware issue. What may be occurring is an unreliable or inconsistent method of achieving the desired results. Many FARO end users are well-versed in the basics of their product and simply need a morning or afternoon of exposure to a new approach that will eliminate their inconsistent data. FARO Sales Engineers can be on hand for just such occasions.

2. Covering New Applications– Similar to assisting in determining best method, a Sales Engineer can be on hand for the expansion of a FARO product in a facility to cover new applications or needs. Many of our customers receive new projects on a yearly, if not monthly, basis. Almost all of these projects are time sensitive, and it is crucial to establish and understand a new system of measurements and data relationships as quickly as possible. Sales Engineers can help determine the most efficient approach and help the end user implement the new system.

3. Hardware and Software Support– There are times when a software or hardware issue might arise and is difficult to describe or diagnose over the phone with our FARO support line. A good example is if data is not being exported properly from the measurement software. A Sales Engineer can arrive on site, work with the software, and diagnose the problem. In this way, FARO can add a direct-line of support and decrease down time for our customers.

4. Basic Check-Ins– Sales Engineers can also perform basic check-ins where no issue or emergency has occurred. By checking in with an active customer, FARO can provide simple suggestions, check equipment, and generally give confidence to the customer that their equipment is running smoothly and data is being retrieved properly.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list but rather, just a few examples of how any client can utilize an enhanced addition in FARO’s customer support. Sales engineers are not in any way meant to replace our Account Managers, Application Engineers, or Support team. They are meant as an addendum to the whole that works toward FARO’s vision and mission. As a FARO Account Manager who was previously a Sales Engineer, I would implore all of our customers to reach out to their respective Account Managers for a meeting with their region’s or product’s Sales Engineer. An Account Manager will always want to be the first line of contact but FARO has now added additional field support in order to assist our customers in reaching their goals.

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About the Author:

Jason Beam
Jason is an Account Manager with FARO Technologies covering the Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee areas with a background in Theoretical Physics and the power industry. Jason enjoys helping customers solve problems and is able to do so successfully by taking the time to fully understand his customers’ needs - what they need, when they need it, and why they need it. Jason specializes in the Laser Tracker product line.

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